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  1. I got an acceptance, but it doesn't say anything about funding. Does yours?
  2. Any word on SM acceptances? I see the PhD acceptances have gone out
  3. Undoubtedly there's value in living and teaching abroad, and I wasn't trying to diminish that route or generalize as to the motivations of those who take it. The point was simply a counterargument to those who claim that gaining a year or two of experience (as opposed to coming straight from undergrad) will help clarify one's professional goals and also help one get more out of the grad school experience. While that may be the case in many instances, in some instances it's not. I think it would be tough to argue that someone who's interned at State for several summers and is committed to becom
  4. I think it really depends on the person's background. For example, someone coming straight out of undergrad who's done 2-3 summer internships at State and says they want to be an FSO (but want to get a grad degree first) is way more credible background-wise in my book than someone who's been teaching English abroad for a year or two and then up and decides they want go to grad school to be an FSO.
  5. Do you have a full-time return offer for any of your internships?
  6. What does "graduated from prestigious programs" mean, did you already finish undergrad and are currently enrolled in a grad program? It's also hard to envisage how an intern managed to "initiate bilateral defense partnerships between France and the U.S."
  7. If you want to work in the Gov, why didn't you do any internships in the Gov? Especially at State given its extensive internship program and your professed 'goal' of working there.
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