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  1. Is there a way of determining what number we are on the alternate list? I'm listed an an alternate at the University of Ottawa.
  2. I believe everyone receives the results at the same time. I'm wondering these same questions about the Ontario Graduate Scholarship funding as well. Specifically, does anyone know when those results come out?
  3. Hey everyone. I got accepted into 2 counselling psychology programs, University of Ottawa and McGill. In addition, I applied to Public Health programs and got accepted into two of those as well. I have a passion for counselling, but the options are making me wonder about the relative employment potential for counselling psych compared to public health. I know I'm asking a slightly biased group, but with just a masters degree in counselling, would I have good employment prospects?
  4. Received an email at around 5 pm indicating that I was waitlisted. Does anyone happen to know how many people are put on the waitlist? I'm curious whether it is everyone in ranked order, or if it is only a select few candidates.
  5. Do you mind sharing the initials of the POI that sent you that interview invite? You can always DM me if that works better.
  6. Anyone hear back from the University of Ottawa after a Skype interview? I had an interview in early January for Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa, and I'm starting to get worried because it's been awhile.
  7. Hi everyone, For the CGS-M, should the outline of proposed research and references section be in the same attachment or in separate ones? I asked the CIHR for clarification, but they were not helpful. Instead, they directed me to each graduate studies office. I asked them the same question, and they directed me back to the CIHR. It seems like an easy question. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  8. Yup! It was just a glitch in the system. Everyone's applications are back up.
  9. Hi everyone, I am kind of concerned. When I sign into uozone for the application to the University of Ottawa, my application is no longer showing there. Has anyone experienced that issue as well? The only thing left to do on my application file was the second reference letter, so I am not sure why it completely disappeared. When I click on the applications window, it says "You do not have any applications being processed at the University of Ottawa." This is very strange, and it is making me quite worried.
  10. Hi everyone, On Monday I submitted my application through OUAC to the Counselling Psychology program at Uottawa. I am a bit concerned because I have not received an email yet from the University so that I can attach my documents and get my reference letters completed by my references. Does anyone know long it usually takes for school to send out that email? I have emailed UOttawa just to be sure. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hey Na_arf! Your post is really encouraging for me. Thank you. Could you possibly tell me where they applied in Canada. I'm in Ontario for reference. The reason why I am asking is because most programs I have seen explicitly list a thesis course/project as a requirement. Is this just a formality or is it actually necessary?
  12. I hope everyone's applications are coming along well. I will be applying to 5 Counselling Psychology programs in Canada this year. I always had more of an interest/clinical experience in areas of work involving clinical populations. Also, I do see the idea of consulting on court cases as a Forensic Psychologist very intriguing. However, I cannot reasonably expect to get accepted into any of the Clinical Psychology programs in Canada because of my lack of a research thesis or significant research experience. This lack of research thesis and experience is pushing me in the direction of Counselling Psychology, and I am really wondering whether I should seriously see if I should try to take a thesis course and gather some more research experience. The reasons why I want to apply this year is because I am not sure if I can afford the time and money it will take to take a thesis and gather more research experience. Nevertheless, I really want to be a licensed Clinical Psychologist, so I am kind of in a conundrum. I feel like my applications for Counselling Psychology are strong because of my academic record (CGPA 3.62/4.0), direct experience administering psychological assessments, providing counselling group therapy in different modalities, applying ABA with kids with intellectual disabilities, working with a crisis centre. I have some good experience clinically but almost no research experience which really makes my chances at Clinical Psychology programs almost 0. I just want to know if there has been anyone in my position before, and if so, what did you choose to do? Also, does anyone know my realistic chances at a Counselling Psychology program in Ontario?
  13. Springxsummer, this is what I was referring to, and is the most important registration for a counselling professional program: https://www.crpo.ca/education-programs/ (i.e., a registered psychotherapist).
  14. Thanks for the reply, Springxsummer! That is a very good question. Unfortunately, I am back in my home city, which doesn't have any opportunities for psychological research. However, I am currently boosting my clinical experience. Also, as I alluded to before, I am kind of concerned about moving to a new area where I could potentially get research experience and get my thesis course done, as I am not sure where an appropriate amount of income would come from and the amount of time that would take. I am mostly worried about leaving my current job and trying to support myself. My ultimate goal was to become a clinical psychologist; however, I have recently questioned this option due to the very small admittance rates and my lack of research experience. Now, I would be completely fine with being a psychotherapist that makes a comfortable living. Coming from a poor background, I do want to make sure I am able to support myself well. Do you happen to know the difference in terms of salary between a psychotherapist and a clinical psychologist? As a a side note, do you happen to know the admittance rates for counselling psychology?
  15. I am looking into applying to this program at the University of Toronto: Master of Education in Counselling Psychology Counselling & Psychotherapy Field:https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/aphd/Home/Future_Students/Master_s_Degrees/Master_s_Degrees_for_Domestic_Students.html. Although I originally wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by the process, particularly the need for a thesis course or research experience (which I do not have either). Now, before someone does mention it, I know the Clinical Psychology program is heavily research focused so that is why they require it, but I cannot justify, financially or time wise, going back to university just for a thesis course. Also, I should mention as an aside that I am interested in research and know it propels the practice forward, but I just feel so behind in terms of my research experience. I have the practical experience though, which is what I want to do anyway. I am very practically minded and love my current job which is working directly with veterans in group and individual therapy with a variety of mental health challenges. I have experience in the field working with different approaches (ACT, CBT, MBCT etc.) and in different populations (adults, teenagers, children). I love this type of work and can see myself doing it for a very long time. My main questions are: Can anyone clear up the distinction between Counselling and Clinical Psychology in Canada? What are the differences in terms of the people I can help/treat? Any differences in terms of salary and need in the market? Does anyone know any other programs in Counselling or Clinical Psychology in Ontario that don't require the research/thesis requirement? Lastly, even though it is not a requirement listed in this program on the website, will not having any research exposure harm my chances into this particular program?
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