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  1. Frustrated... I am debating about applying to a few schools again this year, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 1. Masters in IO GPA 3.25 with thesis under publication review 2.Three positions in industry applying personnel selection, organizational development, analytics and so forth. 3. Terrible, horrible GRE scores I applied to 12 schools last year and got some quality bites and feedback from the preferred PI's advisers that my skills were in the ballpark bu they had to go with strict requirements due to funding etc.. The frustration comes from applying to schools is highly expensive and the GRE is my weakest area simply because my base math skills are not the greatest.. How much luck have people had applying a second time after an abysmal first round of applications? Thank you
  2. Not yet, though SLU just sent out their rejections - so UMSL can't be to far behind....
  3. May I ask if the emails being received from NCSU, are personal or if they are directing you to a qualtrics survey? Just trying to gauge where I am. Good luck!
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