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  1. Hi everyone, This thread has been incredibly insightful, thank you @hotpotato for asking and thank you to everyone for answering. I'm in the same boat, but things are a little more complicated as the PhD/PI I'm having issues of fit with is actually the place I did my undergrad in. I've been considering the same thing due to a lack of fit as I mentioned, and this lack of fit is mainly a result of a slight change in research interests (and career interests) over the past 6 months. A lot can change even in the time between applying to schools back in November and now. Some of you mentioned tha
  2. Hey WhyTry, thank you for the advice and reassuring words! I was hoping I was overthinking things so I'm relieved to hear everyone's responses haha. And thanks for sharing your application journey, it really helps a lot to know that other people also went through periods of changing interests. You're right, I realized I have to stick to what I want and do what's best for myself. I'll definitely be sure to write thank you cards. Again, thanks for all the advice and encouragement!
  3. Hello, thank you for your reply! I really appreciate the advice. If I don't hear back from other programs in the next few weeks I'll probably go ahead and talk to my adviser about everything as you both suggested. I can't change how I feel/what I want, my only regret is that I didn't come to this conclusion sooner for my adviser's sake. Thank you for the encouragement, especially on the part about good advisers wanting their students to succeed. My partner was telling me the same thing and it's definitely a valuable point.
  4. Thank you for your response! I agree, being straightforward would be the best course of action. I'm going to mull it over for a bit longer before I decide, but if I do plan on reapplying next cycle, I plan on having an honest conversation about my interdisciplinary interests. I see that there's no way around it if I were to not get accepted anywhere else, anyway. I'm not set on this gap year thing as I do have interest in this adviser's research, so I still have some thinking to do. I just wish there were opportunities to do research (and later do applied/career related work) on the secondary
  5. Hello everyone,This is my first post on gradcafe. I'm trying to omit as much identifying details as I can, so I apologize in advance if this is confusing or lengthy. I got admission into the PhD program at the same university I attended for undergraduate. This was originally my "safety" option, and the mentor/adviser is someone I've worked closely with during my undegrad research years. I haven't gotten any interview offers for any of the other schools I applied to, and I'm starting to worry that I won't get in anywhere else. I could just take this admission, but I'm struggling to feel conf
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