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  1. I was concerned because it was much later than the posted results from recent years, so I got in touch with the graduate director at SMU last Friday. I am on the waitlist. She was very friendly concerning my reaching out, so I'm sure those of you who haven't heard could do the same. Account6567, were you accepted? I haven't seen any talk on the forums about any of the schools I applied to, so I'm surprised to find such a large group here.
  2. So my top choice PhD program emailed me with an update, "Thank you so much for your application. The graduate committee has not selected your application for our first round of interviews. I will be in touch as the process continues. I would like to encourage you in your research, and I will be in touch if the committee decides to move forward with your application. Thank you again." Has anyone received this kind of message before? Nothing about their application process indicated that there would be multiple rounds of interviews, so it sounds like a pretty certain rejection. But if so,
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