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  1. Has anyone made their final decision? I’m curious where everyone on this blog ended up deciding. I was admitted to Michigan State, Maryland, and U of Cincinnati. I was rejected from UC-Irvine. I haven’t made a final call yet, but I’m definitely leaning toward MSU. Let me know where you decide! I’m interested to know where people got in, where they’re going, and how they made the final decision!
  2. Anyone in college park, MD this weekend for the Admitted Students Day?
  3. Alright everybody...I need advice. I’m an undergrad now but applied to all PhD programs because I need the funding. I was accepted to University of Cincinnati Masters Program with guaranteed tuition waived but funding on TA/RA spots hasn’t finalized yet. I was also accepted to Maryland Masters (not PhD) with no guarantee of funding. I’m in contact with one person in the PhD program now that did undergrad the same place as me, and she said this 2018 cohort is over 20 people at Maryland...much larger than any cohort in the program now. I don’t necessarily need to be guaranteed funding in Maryland the first year of my masters, but would need it the second year (I’ll have to reapply to the doctoral program). Can I use my tuition waiver and potential assistantship spot with cincinnati to “coerce” UMD to find me the first two years? How does negotiating funding work? Thanks in advance! I’m a first gen college student so I’m trying to keep my head above water with all of the nuances of funding and assistantships.
  4. I know I’ve asked this already...but has anyone heard back from Maryland?! They said the last week in february and this has been a painfully long week already!
  5. Anyone get any updates from Maryland? Last I heard they said decisions would be out the last week in February, so I’m thinking either this week or next. That’s my last big school left so I’m very ready to start making decisions!
  6. I’m waiting on Maryland yet too. That’s my last big one. The other two I’m waiting on are in-state social work schools and I’m feeling pretty confident with those. Objectively, Maryland is my top choice, but funding and research offers are a huge component for me. What are you thinking for your top choices?
  7. Finally heard back from Cincinnati. I got in! What a relief. Letter said tuition waived, other funding decisions are pending for the next couple weeks. Very excited!
  8. I haven’t heard anything and I applied there too. All of my emails from them go to my Spam so I’ve been checking back and forth in my email. I’ll let you know if I hear anything!
  9. Did the email say all of their decisions were out, regardless of acceptance/rejection? Now I'm nervous why I didn't get one either way! I haven't seen anyone posting acceptances on the Results board yet either.
  10. There's nothing posted on mine so far, so maybe there's hope yet. Did you apply there too?
  11. Anyone hear anything from MSU?! I wouldn't be so worked up about it if I didn't know that notifications would be coming any day (or any minute, at this point!).
  12. I was also accepted for this Fall! This was one of my top choices too. I will have some questions for you in the coming months about housing, so I'd love your help!
  13. I'm completely neurotic right now! I heard back from the University of Chicago (I applied to Social Work) and got in (woohoo!!) but ever since I got that decision I've been consumed with this! Has anyone heard anything from Maryland or Cincinnati or have any info on acceptance rates/number of people accepted to most programs? I know it's a long shot but I want to have some perspective on likelihood at this point, even if it's bad news.
  14. Correction: I see their deadline was January 10th. Either way, still curious why I didn't get the update email. Hopefully we hear something this week.
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