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  1. has anyone received an official rejection from Tufts or Emory yet? The waiting is killing me.
  2. sure DM me! If I remember correctly, developmental neurobio, yours?
  3. I actually applied to Maryland too and received nothing back from them as well.
  4. When I emailed them to ask, they said the application is out of the hands of admissions and that each dept has it in their hands and that until I receive a definitive email, they are still considering the application. Initial invites for their main recruiting event has gone out already - but they may choose to do a remote interview later on.
  5. Many schools have an internal waiting list, so they'll hold on to your application if they may potentially invite you for a remote interview or in person interview after the initial interview event in the chance they don't like everyone that interviewed. I'm in that boat for Emory and Tufts, fingers crossed
  6. did anyone interview at Albert Einstein? does anyone know how long it takes after the interview to inform us of their decision?
  7. Tufts still has an internal waiting list for interview invites! fingers crossed.
  8. post-interview waitlist? Dont' know if they're done sending interview invites
  9. Also, I emailed Emory Feb 2nd and they never got back! so i'm guessing I should take that as them being done.
  10. For those who emailed to check status, what did you say in the email?
  11. I heard back from Albert Einstein early Jan, and interviewed last week but i'm not sure if all invites are done being sent out (i'm pretty certain they have 2-3 more interview weekends) we were the second. Still havent heard anything from Boston U. I am waiting myself.
  12. Thanks! so I've heard back from the ones I got invites for early dec and early jan - and haven't heard back from the remaining about invites (got a few rejection emails w/o interview). But for like the ones that seem to have entered a black hole, is it kosher to call the admissions office to ask the status of your app? I feel like I need closure but am I just being stupid?! haha

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