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  1. I got admits from both the univs for MS in CS. Can you guys help me figure out which is better in terms of expenses and job prospects? TIA.
  2. Hi all! I have my GRE in a month and I am having a freakout in terms of my preparation. On the test day they give you an option to send your scores to 4 universities for free. I have been trying to figure out 4 safe universities for my profile, but all options I considered earlier have very low acceptance rate. Can you please help me find out some safe universities for my profile, or point me in the correct direction? Thanks so much in advance. Here's my profile: GRE practice tests - 322 manhattan, 320 (3.5 awa) princeton review I national conference paper 1 year experience (will be 2 at time of joining - fall 2019) at fortune 500 company internships in all 3 years - 1st yr at startup, 2nd yr at ngo, 3rd year at above company ~80-82% undergrad Did some relevant nanodegree courses with scholarship, and another relevant professional course from a top 5 college in India. Anything else I forgot to mention? I'll add in comments... Looking for masters program in computer science.
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