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  1. I am applying for master degree at cornell cals for graduate student assistantship. They required directly contact to professor first then, I will be eligible to apply for their program. In announcement, it said: Applicant should have a record of outstanding academic performance(eg. >3.5 GPA), strong GRE scores (75th percentiles), and other related experince. I don't have GRE scores but, I am going to give it a try since I think I have strong academic experineces. My GPA is 3.29, but I think my other related experinces is valuable. -> Should I indicate in the email that I don't have GRE scores or not? -> Also, should I attach in the email of extra letter for low cum.GPA explanation letter? Plz,,give me an advice.. Thanks all!
  2. Any natural resources master degrees here? I am aiming for human dimension of natural resources master degree and I cannot found any info here:( I would like to find general gre scores, research thesis, gre scores..
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