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  1. Hello Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for accepted students to the 2- year MSW program at Windsor? Sam
  2. I was just accepted yesterday I imagine they will update everyone after the long weekend. They didn't give me a definite date.
  3. Hello! For those of you still waiting to hear back from the 2-Year MSW program at Windsor, I emailed them today and they said that faculty of graduate studies has their recommendations already. It shouldn't be too long now!
  4. Hi. I actually have some information regarding that. When I applied to the online program last year, I spoke to someone who told me that usually successful applicants have 7 years experience when they apply for the online program. I wasn't told that until after I applied. The online program is much more competitive than the in class program. ☹️
  5. Congratulations on being accepted to Windsor! :) Did you apply to the two-year program or advanced standing? The faculty of graduate studies asked me for another transcript on Friday.
  6. I am debating whether to fill out this section or not. If I were to fill it out, I would write a little paragraph noting any added experience, GPA improvement, etc. If you are reapplying for advanced standing, I would be specific in regard to the stream you are applying to.
  7. Hello Everyone! This will be my second time applying this year to the 2 year MSW program at the University of Toronto. I have about an 88 average in my last 2 years, and approximately 1500 hours of social service experience. I have about 1000 hours of customer service experience so I hope that helps my application. Since this is my second time applying, I am a bit more nervous than I was before. I am worried that I do not have enough experience to get accepted this year. I was placed on the waitlist for last year. I will also be applying to Lakehead's HBSW program! I also
  8. I am still hanging on but I am trying to see if I can find a full time job in the field for now.
  9. I had 925 hours of practicum experience, and about 100 hours of volunteer experience. In total, I would say about 1000 hours of social service experience.
  10. It can be seen on Loris as well. Once you log in and click on your application. What could be happening is the rejections are coming out first.
  11. I definitely hope so! I spoke to someone early last week and they told me most successful applicants have been working in the field for several years.
  12. My last name starts with P. I sent the graduate department an email asking for feedback. I am pretty sure I just didn't have enough experience, but no one will give me experience until I have my MSW.
  13. I just got rejected from Wilfrid Laurier’s part time online MSW program for September :(
  14. I am worried that we will have to wait even longer than the end of June
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