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  1. It always gets stressful when people here start reporting their rejections. As one of those ppl Im sorry to make your waiting process more stressful? Having a backup plan is always good tho. Wish you best of luck! You have great amount of hours of work related to the SW field! It's human sevices and it's 11 years! It looks for me you have very good chances to get in to the program.
  2. And I just got reply from WLU admission department- same old standart suggestions. Did anyone get specific feedback via email or phone?
  3. Hm... If so then it doesn't really make sense for me. Why have an option for non BSW applicants then? Easier to recruit people straight from the field. Ugh, if only we could understand the system?
  4. Oh, sorry for typos! Best of luck! Hope it's going to be an acceptance email for you
  5. They send an email with letter attached. Not sure rejection/acceptance can be seen on Loris
  6. Yes, I applied through non BSW route. I volunteer from 2015. Was in Baycrest, now CAMH. Guess I'm doing something wrong... Most likely something wrong, but I can't get what exactly.
  7. I think so too - lack of experience is the reason. However, as you mentioned it is not easy to get experience without being in the feeld... Well, hope we'll finally get in! Before we are 80y/o ?
  8. Sorry to hear that! Same here though. So upset. Tried to contact their graduate department but no one picks up the phone and no answer on email.
  9. Hello everyone. Sorry, Im going completely out off topic here. Im at Finch and Yonge... And just wanted to say hope you and your loved ones are safe.
  10. I heard somwhere that deadline is in May( not sure but I feel like my advisor mentuoned that). Try to start from this page https://wlu.ca/admissions-toolkits/graduate-admissions-toolkit/index.html I think they will contact you (email) after step 1, when you register.
  11. Sorry to hear about uofc decision. It's grear you have other goals set! Hope they'll make you happy! P.s. so agree with you on transparency of admission processes! I have same feelings for uoft ?
  12. Uh, wait til May maybe you'll do the same for me ?
  13. As they say: hope for best prepare for worst. I agree with spers - there's September and January starts. Also, if your adviser is Dilyara and you are thinking to to contact her- she told me she's free tomorrow from 3pm
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