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  1. Still nothing from Columbia, it's rejection I guess
  2. Yale MFA 2018

  3. Thank you very much, I got an interview request from Pratt. Hope something from NYU now.
  4. Yale MFA 2018

    Ikr, but anyway, I'm over it. If I get in, good. If I'm not, it's okay, I won't be really mad.
  5. Damn, what if I missed the call? Haha, is interview mandatory for these schools? I guess I've been rejected. The only interviews I had are Yale and Parsons.
  6. Still nothing from NYU, Columbia, RISD. I'm Soo nervous
  7. Yale MFA 2018

    Same, I didn't even know why I was there. It was like if you guys don't like my work why pick me? I told them I really want to try something different in grad school, and they looked at my painting then looked at me, then LAUGHED
  8. I applied Columbia, NYU, Yale, RISD, Parsons, and Pratt. I already got my Yale and Parsons interviews, but nothing from Columbia(Painting), RISD(Painting), NYU(Studio arts), and Pratt. I'm soooo worried right now.