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  1. Col15Up

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Is anybody still waiting to hear?
  2. Col15Up

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Really freaking out over here...
  3. Col15Up

    Applying to Munk 2018

    I don't think that the majority of acceptances have come out yet, because we all would have received news from them as well (refusals, waitlist). Last year they send the decisions out for everyone within two days. I'm assuming that the few people that have already heard back from Munk are applications with extremely competitive grades/ experiencs and Munk really wants them, therefore they were given early acceptance/ higher funding...
  4. Col15Up

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Hi everyone! New to the thread here!!! I completed my undergraduate studies last year, during which I had a 3.8 GPA during my final year. During university I did an data analytics internship in NYC through NYU, I was also an undergraduate teaching assistant during my last year Since university I have undergone a research internship through a think tank that focuses on the South China Sea, and since then I have been working with international students (doing immigration applications for them). My primary research interests revolve around maritime security policy! Excited to see what this year brings

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