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  1. Hi there! Would anyone have any insights/information on health insurance while enrolled in Hunter's MSW program? The plan options for the NY State of Health are $400 - 500 per month, I'm wondering if there's a more affordable way.
  2. Hi future Hunter students! Does anyone have any info on health insurance while at Hunter? I asked Silberman and they told me to reach out to the Health Services office, but the person who answered the phone just said Hunter doesn't offer health insurance and it has to be done through the NY State exchange. I looked up different plans there, and it looks to be $400 - 500 / month, which seems pretty hefty.
  3. Hi everyone! I just came across this forum and am so relieved, it's amazing to learn more about others' experiences working on applications, eagerly waiting, and making decisions. I'm wondering if anyone has experience/advice asking for additional financial aid for MSW programs? I was accepted to NYU's 2-Year program with some funding, but it likely is still not enough for me to be able to attend. NYU has been a top choice for me, so I'm trying to figure out the right words and strategy to ask for more. Many thanks in advance!
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