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  1. I'm really excited to be heading here in the fall and meeting everyone! I'm going to be doing off campus, I'd like to find a place to stay for the length of the program.
  2. @indigopierogy, I gave them a vague inventory ("X-sized bed+frame, dresser, a few bookshelves, table) so that they could gauge how much space I needed. In terms of the price, we have signed a contract and I've made a down payment so I'm not worried about that changing unless something drastic comes up.
  3. I can't vouch for the experience in moving, but I had a very pleasant experience booking with U.S. National Movers. I'll be moving from Colorado to Connecticut, and all they needed was a time frame and an estimate of what I would be moving. To give you an idea, I'll be moving ~1 bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and they quoted me for ~$1,700. I had initially wanted to use the pods, as I don't mind moving the furniture around, but this ended up being cheaper than ever option I found, and I can't say I'm not looking forward to having someone else to the moving for me. They told me that it was cheaper because I was booking out of peak season. This could very well just have been a sales tactic, but I was satisfied nonetheless, so if you start looking now, you can probably find a good deal.
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