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  1. From one nominee to another, congrats @cat_not_kitty !!!!!!!! I made peace with the unlikelihood of getting OGS a while back and was just hoping for some form of an entrance scholarship, and I actually screamed at work when I got the e-mail from April. I too hope that the forwarding of nominations to SGS is a formality matter, and I'm trying to remain calm until I get a letter in my hand (much like waiting for my acceptance letter :P ). T'was wondering if either you, @kiki14 were aware of OGS students being ineligible for the Factor-Inwentash scholarship?
  2. Almost 2 days after getting my acceptance package for UofT's 2 Year MSW, and my ACORN status has not changed. I'm thinking its because my previous registration status is "financially cancelled" while being listed as a non-degree student - I graduated 2 years ago, so I don't know why it says that . Although my SGS portal does day "Decision Made". I went during my lunch break at work and dropped off all of my signature papers, i was pretty giddy walking into the building yesterday. I'm declining my offer to the 2 year MSW program at Laurier, hopefully it will be good news for you
  3. So my status on ROSi never changed from "financially cancelled" for the 2 year MSW - was a previous undergraduate student and accepted that I would be rejected/waitlisted. Got my acceptance package today. I'm honestly floored!!!!!!!!!
  4. OMG I JUST GOT AN E-MAIL FROM LAURIER! I GOT INTO THE 2-YEAR MSW PROGRAM! I also appear to have gotten a 10k entrance scholarship too
  5. I am so happy to hear about you wonderful people getting accepted into programs, especially my fellow applicants to UofT's MSW program. My ACORN status hasn't changed from being "Financially Cancelled" since graduating 2 years ago. I haven't gotten my letter in the mail, but I am preparing myself for the worst case scenario (not getting into UofT). If I am so lucky to get into my alternate choice MSW program (Laurier), I'm wondering if anyone here can comment on the difficulty of securing a Toronto based placement, typically one that takes UofT students. I currently work at CAMH, and have
  6. I find that today will be the longest day, only because they sent out Advanced Standing acceptances on the exact same day of the week from a year ago, which is causes me to buy into the idea that we might hear from them today. I wish the admission committees were more transparent with the process, rather than leaving us in the dark
  7. The application process has really taken years off my life. I don't know if my heart can take waiting beyond the 23rd of March to hear back from UofT. The only thing that helps to make time pass is swiping on Tinder (my first foray on there, which is making me like an unremarkable person :'S ). Has anyone gotten a hold of Laurier in terms of when we can expect to hear back from them? I've mostly seen people disucssing York/UofT - regarding Ontario MSW programs. Also does anyone know when we would hear back regarding OGS applications? My friend got rejected for OGS before getting acce
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