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  1. I had another offer from PITT, but haven't decided yet. How do you think of PITT?Do you think it's worthwhile to use more than 4 years at PITT for a doctoral degree in policy studies? I‘m still not sure and regret not applying for more graduate schools. Although PITT gives me the assistantship which is alleged to cover most of fees, I‘m still worried about the living cost~I think most doctoral programs will provide you some salary with the TA or RA jobs. Which school did your offer come from? I think maybe you can try to ask them if they have some scholarships to apply?
  2. so weird! Now I even question their willingness to hire a PhD this year! If they do not have the phd positions, I don't think they should post the admission info on the website! Terrible experience! Do you have any other choice right now? I mean, any other offers of admission. Cuz I think maybe it's safe to consider other graduate schools if there's still no news from UMD for the next few days!
  3. Have you ever emailed the admission office? I tried twice but no response~~so disappointed at such kind of student service!
  4. Yeah, same as you. There seems to be no surprise on the portal! also found it's so weird for such a long decision process~ BTW, my concentration is community governance and civil engagement. How about yours and how do you think of this doctoral program at UMD,especially compared with other graduate schools at the same level. Also, would you mind if I ask u r international applicant or applicant in the States?
  5. Anyone heard from the School of Public Policy at UMD?or anyone who also applied the PhD program at SPP of UMD ? I was interviewed nearly a month ago but so far haven't got the official decision letter. In order to wait for this result, I refused several offers of admission. Timeline kills me and this strong sense of uncertainty is killing me! Truly need some news whether it's good or bad....
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