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  1. I spoke to as many students as I could! I feel like the main difference is in the way the programs ask their questions. I find that RCA is focuses on asking “Why?” and NYU is focuses on asking “How?”. I’m not sure which approach would be best to throw myself into. Is it better to be in a program that throws you into excessive research into a specific topic? Or is it better to be in a program that forces you to explore various technical strategies? Is it better to do your masters abroad and create an international network? Or to setup your network of people within your
  2. Does anyone have insight into the Royal College of Art's IED program? Or the school in general? How they support their students and set them up for job prospects and PhD prospects? How the classes are? How the environment is?
  3. I was emailed, but I'm sure they do it in waves, I'm crossing my fingers for you! I'm curious about how ITP would set me up both for job prospects and potential PhD prospects. Is the program supportive? During and post graduation? What were some of the major frustrations your friends had with the program? Did it outweigh the pros? Did they have to fight for their classes due to class size? I have all the questions lol.
  4. I've been accepted to the Royal College of Art's IED program and NYU ITP. I'm at a little bit of a toss up between the two — the programs are similar in many ways and different in others. Any insight, advice, or suggestions about the schools and programs would be much appreciated!
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