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  1. Congrats everyone! I didn't get awarded with E/VG E/VG E/F. 2nd year grad student, but i already have a fellowship so I'm not too upset. I knew broader impacts would kill me. Reviewers loved the intellectual merit portion of my app. Atleast I know that my letter writers (including PI) thinks I'm an excellent researcher and a visionary!
  2. Guys I finally had enough focus to do some lab work and not just work on data/figures for the first time in weeks
  3. Okay good to know! I think I will hold off on changing it in fastlane, out of superstition that they for some reason will send it back "without review" because my name doesn't match my transcripts We will see if I even need to worry in the morning . Thank you!
  4. I think the consensus is that it is very likely for the results to be released tonight/tomorrow morning.
  5. Okay so curious about something if anyone has any input or ideas. Since applying this fall, I have gotten married, so my last name that I applied under is changed. Will I have troubles accepting the fellowship if I am awarded? Or does it go by social security? Will NSF change my name on the awarded/HM list to my new last name?
  6. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight or function tomorrow, regardless of the results. So here's to constant refreshing tonight.
  7. It "should be" ...hm... interesting phrasing
  8. What course if you don't mind me asking, i'm a chem grad student? If it were me, I would get up extra early, study for a few hours until I felt pretty good about the material, open the results ~1 hour before the exam, and then take a walk to process before sitting down to the exam. I think knowing either way and having a bit of time in the morning will help you to focus during the exam.
  9. For the last tuesday release they posted maintenance on monday
  10. I had a dream that i woke up in a panic around 3am and checked my phone and had an email with a link to the fastlane grfp page. The "2018 season is closed" headline was changed to the title of my research proposal and it was a link. But I tried to click on it and it was broken. Guys I'm done.
  11. Basically like she said: If they know they are going to release tomorrow why would they wait up until 9pm to advise maintenance? At that point no one but us will be checking advisories anyways.
  12. Yeah I'm very doubtful we will get results tomorrow.
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