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  1. Oh no, I've decided to decline my Mac offer but I think the only option that was available when they asked why I decline was that I decline by mistake so I just left it blank. I look forward to meeting you at UofT!
  2. I just did and it seemed the only reason they provided as a reason for decline was that I declined by mistake lol
  3. Thanks, NanBD were the courses you listed already selected for you? I assume the first year is the same for everyone. Mac seems to have a lot of choice in terms of electives but the UofT program seems more focused with courses that are very health informatics targeted or at least seem specialized for this program.
  4. Hey NanBD, do you know anything about the electives? I think the student handbook says that we will have some choice in later years. I can't seem to find the approved electives list anywhere besides the Big Data course.
  5. My response isn't due till the 25th but in the letter that Zoe sent there wasn't any information on scholarships and such like the McMaster one. There is a link (http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/currentstudents/Pages/Information-for-New-Students.aspx) there that says is a good resource for new students but I have yet to look too much into it yet since I have finals right now.
  6. Yes, I just got an email from Zoe around 1 today!
  7. Does anyone have any opinions on McMaster vs UofT? I'm a little torn between the two programs right now and would love to hear what you guys think about them!
  8. Don't give up hope I'm also finishing my undergrad as well and just got an email today for an interview in april! In terms of experience I dont really have much in terms of healthcare or technology besides some courses that I had taken if anything I have more research experience.
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