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  1. Hey guys, For those of you going to the SGS Orientation tomorrow, I'll be at the 5PM seminar. If you're going to that, feel free to PM me!
  2. @dardalys098, Thanks for the page links! I think a page specific to our cohort is a great idea. I was thinking about going to the Peggy Leatt ceremony too. It's also right after the first orientation day so it might be easy to just pop over and see. Let me know if you decide to go! I'm also going to the grad studies tour on the 4th and I'm very down to meet up lol. Which seminar time were you thinking of?
  3. Hey guys, I don't know you saw the email from Zoe yet, but I have 2 questions: 1) Are any of you planning to go to the Peggy Leatt award ceremony? 2) For "Areas of interest (Health Informatics)", I'm assuming they mean what you're interested in within the field of Health Informatics, right?
  4. Hey @zeeW Yupp, all those courses were just automatically added to my enrolled courses. And yeah, I agree with your assessment. The course-work at U of T seems to be a tad more rigourous/focused than at Mac, bit it also lacks the thesis/research paper component that Mac offers. Also, are you saying you declined Mac by accident? Omg
  5. I'm not 100% sure. If you look at the Year 2 Timetable (http://ihpme.utoronto.ca/academics/pp/mhi/handbook/timetables/) the Big Data course and some others are listed there, but I'm not sure which ones are madatory and which are electives tbh. And @dardalys098 I'm still waiting for my letter, although I did already email Zoe to confirm that I was accepting the offer. I did my undergrad at U of T so I already have an ACORN account. Cloudbank, how did you make yours?
  6. For those of you who are in the regular stream and may not have ACORN accounts set up yet, here's the course breakdown for the year (or at least what was put onto my schedule): INF1003H F (Fall) Information Systems, Services, and Design INF1341H F (Fall) Systems Analysis and Process Innovation MHI1001H F (Fall) Information and Communication Technology in Health Care MHI1002H F (Fall) Complexity of Clinical Care MHI2001H F (Fall) Fundamentals of Health Informatics MHI2005Y YA (Full Session) Practicum Placement INF2183H S (Winter) Knowledge Management and Systems MHI2002H S (Winter) Emergent Topics in Health Informatics MHI2003H S (Winter) Consumer and Public Health Informatics MHI2004H S (Winter) Human Factors and Change Management MHI2007H S (Winter) Quantitative Skills in Health Informatics Here are the course descriptions if you need more info: http://ihpme.utoronto.ca/academics/pp/mhi/handbook/course-descriptions/ It may also help some of you who are still deciding
  7. Congrats everyone on getting in. I just got my acceptance earlier today as well About this question, I actually asked about the difference between some MHI programs after I was done my presentation. I was told from the professor interviewing me that all are great programs. He said Waterloo seems to focus a tad more on engineering, Mac is a bit more business, and UofT is more organizational, meaning that "U of T essentially wants all the CIOs to come from here". That's just one source though so take it as you will.
  8. So I was reading through the 2017 MHI thread and someone posted the following: "Posted March 8, 2017 Good to hear about the interview. I was at the webinar in November for uoft and Julia said that there is like 175 applicants, they interview 75 and like 35 get in...That's why the wait makes me nervous..Hopefully everything goes well! " I attended the webinar for this year but missed some parts. Does anyone remember if they commented on the acceptance/interview rates at all? I don't see those ^ particular numbers mentioned anywhere else so I just wanted to see if anyone could verify if that is the actual case
  9. Anyone know what the last date is for interviews? I know there were some today and I think some people have theirs on the 12th. Are there are after that?
  10. It was about a topic in Health Informatics. Trust me when I say it was very straight forward, don't worry about that part too much
  11. Ahhh, so many questions lol, but dardalys098 basically covered everything the same as I experienced it. When I did my writing portion, the only difference is that they notified us when we had 5 minutes left, but bringing a watch is definitley a great idea. They don't ask you to write too much, just 3/4ths to 1 page if I remember correctly, but the time does go by really fast. @FadeMans In terms of specific behavioural questions, it's very typical interview questions like dardalys098 said. They're not really trying to trip you up or anything like that. Just getting to know you and your background a bit. @JulesHir [I can't tag you for whatever reason], I used the outline that Zoe gave me. I presented on mHealth initiatives and they asked me questions about how I would get funding for various projects and how I would market to different audiences. I have basically 0 marketing background so that was a bit tricky, but I did my best considering. The prof I had was super nice and we just chatted afterwards until the time was up. @dardalys098, ohh I was right after you I think! My interview was at 1:35. I believe I saw you guys leaving. Good luck to everyone still prepping for interviews! I hope we all get in and eventually meet each other in person during orientation
  12. Hey guys, so I had my interview earlier today. I know it's all incredibly nerve-wracking but don't worry too much, everyone was super super nice! The first part involves a 20 minute writing task and afterwards they take you to meet with two faculty members separately. In one room you'll give your presentation and they ask you some follow-up questions, and in the second room they'll ask more behavioural-style questions. I hope that helps some of you who are anxious. OH and Zoe mentioned afterwards that they wanted to get back to people about acceptances around the end of April.
  13. No idea tbh. But if you haven't heard back yet, I think it may be a good idea to email Zoe and check on the status of your application. That way you'll know for sure either way.
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