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  1. I e-mailed UofT MPH- for health promo and she said that if you haven't heard back your application is still under review. They will be sending out more decisions next week.
  2. Hey, I'm in the same situation. Haven't heard back from UofT's Health Promo, not sure what is happening.
  3. No e-mail, it just said denied on Quest.
  4. Nope! mine was around 7 ish minutes and then the interviewer followed with some questions and that led into us have a conversation until the 15 minutes were up. Good Luck!!
  5. Hey so sorry to hear this Hopefully you get accepted to the other schools you applied to. Just wondering if they sent you an e-mail or mail, and if the status on the SGS portal was updated or not?
  6. Definitely a warm winter jacket and snow boots!!
  7. Hey, I was talking with one of my profs who is on the admissions committee and she said that last year offers didn't go out till May, so hold tight!
  8. Hey, did they e-mail you or was it on the SGS portal? I haven't received anything yet and on the SGS portal my application shows under review.
  9. Got a conditional offer form Waterloo MHI and have the UofT MHI interview at the start of next month. I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at Waterloo.
  10. Hi Guys, Got an interview for April 6 UofT MHI. Just wondering if anyone knows how or what to prep for, or if anyone knows any alumni who can provide tips?
  11. Hi, Has anyone heard back from UofT MPH (Social behaviour)? The SGS website shows the status as under review. Also is there some other place that i should be checking for the decision? Thanks!!
  12. Hello everyone, Thought I would make a group for those applying to Master of Health Informatics at University of Toronto for Fall 2018. Perhaps we can keep each other updated regarding interviews, acceptances, etc. Good luck!
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