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  1. If your end goal is to do epidemiology then 10000% do the U of T epi! People speak so highly of it but know that it is very intense! Congrats on your acceptance !!
  2. Anyone thinking of accepting Guelph?
  3. I received mine today, the deadline is April 24!
  4. My Guelph portal has updated to admitted
  5. Guelph or Queens for general MPH - thoughts?
  6. I just got an offer for the Guelph MPH!! Good luck y'all! woof
  7. Saying that people are already rejected when admissions just started going out is not the attitude you should have. That's pretty discouraging to people who may have worked very hard and applied. You don't work on the admissions board, you cant say people should assume they're rejected.
  8. Yo anyone know when McMaster is coming out?
  9. Got my Ottawa U MSc in Epi acceptance! Congrats to all those who got in!
  10. Just got accepted to the Queen's MPH program!! Woohoo! Congrats to those who got in too!
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