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  1. In accordance with ASHA, Chapman is giving us until April 15th to decide.
  2. Hi! Thank you! I got an email from Dr. Tsao on Monday morning notifying me of my acceptance. However, my portal still says that I haven't been accepted yet so I probably wouldn't go off of the student portal for your admission results. But like slp.to.be said, if you got invited to the Open House, your chances of being accepted are probably higher if people decline their admission into the program.
  3. I got accepted into the CSD grad programs at both CSUF and Chapman and need help deciding between the two. The only posts I've seen so far that compare CSUF and Chapman have been about the post-bacc programs. I am inquiring about the Masters Programs between the two. Pros and cons of each school? Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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