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  1. Hi everyone, I have an interest in studying autoimmune diseases, specifically psoriasis and/or lupus. I've seen some interesting research from faculty at University of Washington, but are there any other professors and/or schools that emphasize these topics? Thanks!
  2. wow this is terrifying but here goes, I've tried to include as much information I can about myself for context. I'm definitely very insecure about my app, as I am trying to go straight from undergrad, so would appreciate some insight! Undergrad Institution: UCSDMajor(s): Molecular BiologyMinor(s): BusinessGPA in Major: 3.63 (I know this is on the lower side, but its because I had average grades my first two years. All of my upper-division classes (not including chem, ochem, etc) have been A's)Overall GPA: 3.72Position in Class: Top 5-10%Type of Student: Domestic Asian femaleGRE Scores (re
  3. Hi! I'm interested in going into biotech/pharmaceuticals after I complete my PhD. I am currently looking into schools that might offer better resources or better networking for industry. Are there any that have particularly good relationships with industry and/or offer amazing support and resources? Currently, I attend UC San Diego and I understand that they have a decent relationship with the San Diego biotech community. Thanks!
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