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  1. I did choose FIU, I received a graduate assistantship that covers tuition & pays $23k a year
  2. I’m not sure about Spring funding but I know most of their assistantships are filled already (that’s what they told me) so I would assume you’d have a better chance applying in the fall & talking to a specific person you’d want to work under.
  3. I finally received an official letter this week in my email. It was from the Graduate School, not the department itself
  4. Good luck! & I’m not sure about attending, still waiting on funding, that’ll be the deal breaker for me.
  5. Just an update, I checked my application status online and it does say admitted, I haven’t received any formal written acceptance from the school as yet so you may want to check the online portal.
  6. Hi, has anyone heard back from FIU for their PhD program? I emailed them 2 weeks ago and they finally emailed me back last week saying I will know within a few days but it has now been over a week.
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