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  1. DnD

    Los Angeles, CA

    Actually I did address the arguments but it seems like you aren't fully comprehending what I'm saying. Have you actually lived and gone to school at UCLA? I spent 4 years there doing my undergrad. Perhaps a decade ago people needed a car but ridesharing and an improved public transportation system (that will only get better with the metro extending a line right by westwood) has made needing a car not necessary for the typical UCLA student.
  2. DnD

    Los Angeles, CA

    Go back and read what they wrote. Now go back and read what I wrote. I addressed all the issues. Completely unnecessary to own a car while going to UCLA if all your classes are on campus.
  3. DnD

    Berkeley, CA

    I hear most people that go to Berkeley are smug and overly defensive about their school since it's in an undesirable city, is this true? Oh wait nevermind you already answered.
  4. DnD

    Los Angeles, CA

    No you really don't need a car when you're going to UCLA. Seriously. Most everything you'd want is in the very walkable (and very safe) Westwood area and UCLA offers subsidized public transit passes which will take you to all the major areas. Uber/Lyft fills in the gaps. Completely unnecessary to get a car.
  5. Howdy, haven't quite made my decision yet but I think I'm 90% going to accept. I've been digging around for some information and yeah.. it's a little sparse although that may be just my field as well. Have you looked around at living arrangements? That's been my main concern...from casually browsing I've found the results to be somewhat discouraging.
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