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  1. @KarenSheppard @rising_star Thanks!!! You're right! I shouldn't worry so much since I can't really change anything right now. I'll contact them on Monday!
  2. @rising_star Thanks! But I'm not sure whether to email them since it's a busy week. I'm afraid they may feel annoying... Also, someone told me it's not always good to email them. If they haven't made the decision, hurry them to make it might end up badly, so I'm really hesitating...
  3. It's already past 4/15 and I haven't heard back from the program I applied for... I got an interview around March mid, yet, no news came back. What should I do... It's killing me to wait, and wait, and wait...
  4. Has anyone heard back from MCD Biology at CU Boulder? I have interview with the admission committee and they said they will notify me in 1-2 weeks cause they need to interview with other top international candidates. But it's already been two weeks and I'm still waiting... Does this mean my chance of getting admitted is also getting lower? Should I send them an email and ask about the result? It's pretty annoying when you can't do anything but nonstop checking your email boxes
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