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  1. Has anybody heard from York advanced standing (one year)? MyFile still says Currently Under Consideration... but it looks like a lot of people have heard from the two-year, so I'm wondering if I've been rejected!
  2. Hi there, just wondering, did you apply for the Thunder Bay campus or did you apply to Orillia and they waitlisted you there? I've been hearing some situations where people apply to the Orillia campus and get sent to Thunder Bay, so was wondering if that's a real possibility
  3. I’ve just been waitlisted at one school (Lakehead MSW) and I haven’t heard back yet from my other application (York Advanced Standing) .. I’m kinda trying to come up with a backup plan for if I don’t get in to either.. Does anyone know of any MSW programs that start in January or later that have applications still open? (I am about to complete my BSW)
  4. Has anybody heard back from York? I heard we were supposed to hear back this week
  5. Does anybody know when we can expect to hear back from York MSW (advanced standing) and Lakehead MSW?
  6. Anybody else still hanging in there on U of T's waitlist?
  7. That's amazing, congratulations!! You must be absolutely thrilled!!!! Just out of curiosity, as someone who is also on the waitlist, how did they inform you? Was it a phone call, or?
  8. Does anybody know when we can start applying to the September start for the Laurier online MSW and when the deadline will be? On the site all I can see is that the application deadline is TBD
  9. I was planning on filling it out and scanning it unless anyone would suggest otherwise?
  10. Thought I'd do my first post since I found out I'm on the wait-list at U of T! This is exciting for me since I didn't get in at York and Western Fingers crossed!! Still waiting to hear from Laurier!
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