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  1. Hey, I don't know if you saw my previous post but I was wondering if you got accepted for Fall 2018? If so, how have classes been?
  2. I'm currently applying to SPAA! I joined an online info session and went on a class visit. From my research it's a really great school. I get the feeling that a lot of people on this site automatically go for the Ivy League schools and/or big city locations. Being that Rutgers-Newark is in NJ surrounded by schools like Princeton, Columbia, and UPenn, and cities like NYC and Philadelphia, it's very easy for folks to dismiss the school. I think it's a hidden gem. You still get a great education, connection to these other cities including Newark itself, amazing faculty, flexibility with online or on-campus evening classes, scholarships, study abroad opportunities, fellowships/internships, all for an affordable price (assuming you're an in-state student) compared to other schools. For me personally, I couldn't find a better MPA program that had as much as SPAA has to offer.
  3. UPDATE: I've decided to pursue the MPA and get a certificate in College Access and Success. After thinking it through with a professor for one of my class visits, it made sense to get a broad degree like the MPA with practical skills that I could use in the variety of settings I want to be in. The certificate and my work experience along with the papers and projects I'd do under the MPA program will be geared toward education in some way to demonstrate my intended focus. I can't beat the convenience, flexibility, and the knowledge/skills I could gain from the program I'm currently considering. It seems like the best bet. Now on to the scholarship search!
  4. Hi everyone, I need some help figuring out which degree I should pursue. I'm an entry-level coordinator of undergraduate student programs. My career is going to be focused on College Access, Equity, and Success. I want to explore this in a variety of professional opportunities such as college counseling in high schools and education nonprofits, student affairs, education policy, and eventually teaching. I know that I wouldn't dive into policy and teaching until way later in my career when I've built up an extensive amount of professional experience in the field. Which means as of now I'll be focusing my professional opportunities on coordinating programs and providing services to students at various stages in their educational journeys from pre to post-college. Knowing this... which degree should I pursue? I love how broad the MPA is, the applicability of the skills learned to higher education administration, and the possibility for diving into government and policy later on. But I also recognize how specific the MEd is thus the much more sense it makes to pursue that especially in the early and middle stages of my career. These were some options I came up for myself and wanted your feedback on: MEd in Student Affairs or Education, Culture, Society or Sociology of Education and get a certificate in some skills on public and nonprofit performance management MEd in Higher Education Administration and get a certificate in College Access and Diversity and/or Student Affairs MPA and get one or both of the same certificates in College Access and Diversity and/or Student Affairs These programs are a combination of different schools that offer both on-campus and online formats. I'm not sure if I'd complete the certificates at the same time as the degrees but do them right after. But what do you think of these options? As you see there's a multitude of MEd programs to choose from but I feel each misses a something from the other. Some either focus on education broadly and not enough on higher education, some are more theoretical and research heavy and don't have enough practical skills in management, finances, organization, etc. some dive into the politics, history, philosophy and sociology of education which I love because it eventually focuses on College Access and Equity but again offer not many practical skills. I'm basically trying to find the perfect program combination that will combine all of this relevant content and the practical skills needed to succeed in this field. Other suggestions aside from I listed are welcomed such as pursuing one program for my master's and the other for a doctorate or second master's if necessary.
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