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  1. Will schools tell you if you are not selected for an interview? Or do you just keep on waiting? So nervous!
  2. An elite university does not = harder classes. Many professors at elite universities can teach at other colleges too. But everyone has weak and strong points in their application. Highlight your strengths.
  3. So I have figured it out and Stanislaus is no longer accepting applicants this year or ever again. They accepted their last class in 2018 and it will become the UCSF class beginning in 2020. If you are applying this year applicants are due around Jan so it would be for the 2019 class
  4. I talked to some genetic counselors and they have mentioned that UCSF is accepting their first class for 2020. I am very confused what is happening for 2019 though if I apply this round.. . Does anyone know?
  5. Does anyone if it is true that Stanislaus will not be accepting applicants this round? A couple people and GCs from word of mouth have been telling me that, but I have tried calling and emailing the school and have not heard a response directly from them.
  6. I have some questions for second time applicants, since this is my first time! What were the personal statement questions? What do you think was the reason you didn't get accepted? Just lack of more experience?? Thank you all!! So glad this forum exists! Just trying to prepare!
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