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  1. Does anyone know of any MSW programs that are online besides Laurier and UVIC? And BSW programs that are offered online? TIA.
  2. Has anyone else heard from Laurier today for the January 2019 online/part-time program? Good luck to those still waiting
  3. It sounds like you have a TON of relevant experience in SW. I was told you needed a B average to apply (in last 10 courses). Did you have that? If not you could do a few online classes through Athabaska Un to boost your GPA and apply again. From what i have seen it seems like experience is huge to get accepted into this program. UVIC has a good online bachelors in SW. It isn't much longer than a Masters? I am still trying to figure out a back up plan.
  4. I have known a few people who have done the Masters of Counc at Yorkville and had a good experience. I know it's easier to get into since it is private and more experience. I don't think it mattets where you get your education as long as you get registered afterwards. You will gain your best skills on your job practicums working under another counsellor. Best of luck to you all. I was waitlisted for september MSW online at Laurier and surprised to see no one has been waitlisted as of yet. Hopefully, some good news is still to come for those who are waiting.
  5. Has anyone from the waitlist for Laurier (online/part-time/september start) heard anything yet? Apparently, aug 1st was the deadline for those sent offers to decline or accept their offers.
  6. It's the end of the week. Maybe the were already sent. We have no way of knowing ?
  7. I would call and speak to one of the advisors about this. They will be best to answer these types of questions accurately.
  8. Rejections and waitlists went out first. I totally understand your stress right now, but you will most likely recieve an offer. They are probably still sending them out. Hang in there ! Good news will be coming soon ?
  9. Congrats to everyone who was accepted. So exciting!!! Has anyone heard how many spots there were and how many are on the waitlist?
  10. Aug 31st (i believe) . Then the waitlist is closed.
  11. It all depends on who is in your applicant pool. How many spots are they offering for that cohort? Someone wrote 40? Not sure if that's true. I was told September was going to be around 80, but not sure if that was actually the case. Keep staying positive!!! You have experience and it is more related to SW than you think. Most people with non BSW degrees won't have social work experience. Any human service experience will be counted. I think you have a great chance. I think they said the average person who is accepted has over an 80%average and 7/8 years experience. Wishing you luck!!!
  12. I recieved an offer to be wait listed this morning. No other info other than that. I was asked to not contact admissions RE my position on the list. Best of luck to everyone else who is waiting. If you haven't heard back as of yet, i am assuming it's a good thing.
  13. Has anyone recieved an offer for September at Laurier? I have only heard of declines so far ?
  14. Did you apply for the non BSW route? What about volunterring somewhere. That usually leads to emploment. I work in Mental Health and i have seen that alot. We usually hire the volunteers that do well.
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