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    Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Assessment, Statistics.
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  1. I don't have time to have fun.

    Most of my fun time is spent studying and doing researches about academic programs that help me advance my knowledge.

  2. Hello everyone, I am a junior at a large public school in Minnesota and I am interested in applying for a Phd in Statistics at Stanford University. I am interested in working in the Data Science field and I am thinking of applying for Stanford MS in Data Science since obtaining an advanced degree in either statistics or data science will further my understanding as well as equip me with more tools to work in the data science field. Unfortunately, Stanford as well as many other institutions does not offer funding for master candidates. Do you think it is worth obtaining a Phd program or I will be better off pursuing a master program? If you think whether it is worth pursing a Phd program, how can I qualify myself as a Phd candidate? Should I choose a research paper to work on? I will graduate in the Fall of 2019 and I am working full time this summer as a Data Analyst. Thank you.

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