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  1. kolbit

    Saarland University 2018 Admits SoSe/2018

    Hi anyone has received any decision for PhD application in Computer Science from Saarland University for Winter 2018 term, Please kindly provide details!
  2. kolbit

    Saarland University 2018 Admits SoSe/2018

    Hi Arkhy, can you please share your full profile, I have also applied to saarland university. At which field do you have industry experience and whether it a well reputed company or a startup?
  3. kolbit

    PhD Admission Query

    thnx for the reply, but I never got any formal email stating I have been waitlisted before, which this particular dept. usually do. And he also stated that 1 position has opened up recently. So, do you think I will get the admit?
  4. kolbit

    PhD Admission Query

    What it means when someone receives an email from the Admission chair of the PhD program asking the current status of the student, i.e whether the student is still interested in joining their program or whether he has already accepted a PhD offer?
  5. kolbit

    USA- PhD Admits

    Current status means, whether I am still interested in that position or whether I have accepted offer from another grad school! Any form of suggestion will be highly appreciated!
  6. kolbit

    USA- PhD Admits

    How many of you have received a letter from the admission chair asking you regarding your current status at that time before giving you an admit? (For PhD programs)

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