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  1. Hi Arkhy, I'm about to send you my contact through private message. Check your message box.
  2. Is there anyone else admitted to Saarland University for the upcoming summer semester? I have been admitted to the graduate school of computer science. I am considering starting a whatsapp group so we could network and plan together to do stuffs like secure accommodation and plan life in saarbrucken. Leave a comment or message if interested.
  3. Rejected from SFU. That's the last roll of the dice. Goodluck and goodbye guys! Looking forward to spring or/and next fall.
  4. Where were you rejected from previously? Depending on where rejected you, you can essay a guess on your chances at McGill.
  5. Thanks for the info, very enlightening. This post both takes away my hope and gives me hope same time. Takes away my hope because people have already been admitted, but gives me hope to hear some will be declining and there's still a chance. Your friends must have had extremely good profiles to be admitted to UofT. I don't even know what to do.. Whether to keep on contacting professors or this will have negative impact. Yeah it's already pretty late.. When did your friends get admitted?
  6. Oh really? From trends on the submission page only about 2 people (PhD) had gotten offers, and someone on this page mentioned that they said they'll roll out offers this month's end. The other admission offers were mainly for the professional Big Data program. Were your friends admitted to the Big Data or research program? And I'm guessing you're going in for research since you are contacting professors. Did you get any reply? I also tried contacting some profs recently but haven't gotten a reply. Seems SFU professors don't like being contacted. One explicitly stated on his page that he won't reply such messages as its a committee that handles the admission process.
  7. Not necessarily. Are you both in for the same research areas? If not, you're not both competing.
  8. Hope so. Need to know my fate. Apparently I've been kicked off by Waterloo(ECE), down to SFU ?
  9. Sucks.... Now what's left? Guess it's SFU and McGill. I'm also waiting on SFU and Waterloo (ECE), tried initiating contact with faculty but seems for SFU they'd rather you don't contact them.
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