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  1. Im moving to Hampton, VA for grad school (Im attending Hampton university). Where I go to school currently there is an off campus roommate finder Facebook group that everyone uses. Is there anything like this for Hampton? I plan on living off campus and I'm having trouble finding a roommate.
  2. First of all, CONGRATS! I have also been accepted to Hampton for Fall 2019 for speech pathology. I don't think a facebooke page has been started yet, but we could start one! I have to retake phonetics, so I'll be taking that in Fall 2019 along with my graduate classes.
  3. I was just accepted to Hampton university for graduate school. Never been there or to Virginia. I plan to live off campus. Where is a good place to find an apartment? Do I need a car? Any advice would be nice!
  4. I heard back on March 13th. My stats werent too great to be honest. My gre score was 142 and 154, my writing was 4.5. I had a 3.2 gpa. I also studied abroad for a summer and I'm the secretary of my NSSLHA chapter, so I think that helped.
  5. Hi everyone, I was accepted to Hampton University for fall 2019. Is there a Facebook page started or does anyone want to start one?
  6. I just got accepted to Hampton on March 13th. I saw a few people also got accepted on the last few days of that week so they might continue sending emails this week and the next.
  7. I havent heard anything either. I looked at what people posted about their acceptance last year and it seems many got their acceptance around the first week of April. So maybe we will hear something around that time?
  8. Hi! i know this post is from awhile ago, but I'm in the process of applying to grad schools and Howard is one of my top choices. Do you remember what your stats were? Do you have any tips for getting into Howard?
  9. Hi everyone, Howard University is my top choice school but I'm worried about if I have a chance there. My GRE scores are low and my GPA is average. If anyone knows kind of what they are looking for in applicants and what scores they are looking for that would be great help!
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