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    DAM reacted to jt2013 in 2019 MPH CANADA   
    After hearing on January 30th that I was rejected from the University of Saskatchewan MPH program, I received an email today that a spot had opened up and I have been accepted! I was never notified about being on a waitlist or anything so I assumed that the response I got in January was a final decision.
    If it was someone on this forum who recently turned down their offer, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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    DAM got a reaction from FarisKhan93 in MPH Fall 2019 - University of Alberta   
    I applied to the global health concentration and it’s been on “pre-screening” all this while 
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    DAM got a reaction from Vivyanne in 2019 MPH CANADA   
    I applied to U of A, U of S and SFU for MPH. I just got an email to send hard copies of my official transcript to SFU 
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    DAM reacted to thestudyingmango in 2019 MPH CANADA   
    I am currently a student at Western University MPH, if you have any questions feel free to ask ? I'll post some stats about me below:
    H.B.ASc in Kinesiology 2015
    GPA: 3.78
    Applied to: Western MPH (Current), Queen's MPH (Accepted), UofT Health Promotion (Rejected), McMaster MPH (Waitlisted) 
    You can also dm me on my instagram: @thestudyingmango 
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