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  1. Thanks for sharing that, it helps to know a bit more about what is going on. I tried contacting her a while ago and didn’t hear back. Maybe tomorrow ?
  2. Thanks, it’s so hard seeing everyone get their info and not hear at all. I first heard it would be Friday at the latest then Monday at the latest. I guess I assumed it would be all at the same time rather than rolled out like this over several days.
  3. I still haven’t heard anything either way from Laurier. Is anyone else still waiting?
  4. I still haven't heard, it's driving me crazy the waiting!!
  5. Thanks, that's actually helpful to hear as I was starting to think I missed something on the application after hearing others had received notice last week.
  6. Has anyone still not heard anything from Laurier? I saw someone post they may take until Monday and my name starts with R so maybe the end of the alphabet hasn't gone out yet?
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