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  1. I got in!!!!!! Online Part time Laurier MSW!!!!! Finally the wait is over! I’ll be declining my offer to Windsor, good luck to those on the wait list!
  2. No worries, fingers crossed that we have some good news soon!!!
  3. I have not heard anything from Laurier's online MSW as yet either! I spoke to Miljana again today, and she stated that hopefully sometime this week we should be hearing back. They are sending out emails in batches. I am trying to stop obsessively checking my emails lol.
  4. For Lauriers Part- Time Online MSW, I was told that the decisions have been made and you should be able to access it on your loris account. However, I have not been able to see anything on mine. Miljana stated that emails should be coming out today or latest Monday. Good luck to all!
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