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  1. I live in Portland, Oregon, and can say that there are no graduate schools around that cover the cost of what it is like to live here. I moved here for graduate school and their artistic community, which has been fantastic! I have to have an extra part time job, but still make it to openings, lectures, and still travel to Los Angeles every year to see contemporary art. Our program Oregon College of Art and Craft has paid positions, but it is very hard to find housing in Portland, Oregon. Word has it that rent is going down, but you won't find anything in the city for less that $1200 a month. I
  2. martinl5

    low residencies?

    A new Low Residency program has just opened up at Oregon College of Art and Craft. It is a really dynamic way of working and getting to know the Oregon art community while also learning from some of the most amazing, Hallie Ford Fellows professors that you can find on the West Coast. Portland has a thriving arts scene, and even if you aren't living in PDX, your summer will be a huge incredible crash course where you spend a month completely immersed. Your readings cover everything from traditional art history to queer studies to phenomenology of craft. You work with professors in person, from
  3. martinl5

    MFA over 50

    Oregon College of Art and Craft is a very good school for mixing generations together in a small sized class where you often don't feel over pressured. I couldn't believe when I started that some of my classmates were over 60, some were 23. Most were mid 30's! I enjoy it so much because of the different life perspective. It is very welcomed here. Its a great school, new program but so individually crafted that I couldn't receive such attention at anywhere else. I got into great programs, Tyler, Cranbrook, but OCAC professors are just too incredible. It can be difficult for some to be in a smal
  4. I was conflicted on getting a post bacc degree since I double majored in Creative Writing and Studio Art, only receiving a BA. I came from an amazing undergraduate degree (private liberal arts) so my professors were very positive that I was ready for a masters, based on my work ethic, serious determination, and maturity as a student. I also took time between degrees to further push my portfolio on my own. I do not recommend the post bac degree to anyone who had a BA or BFA in studio arts, but I do for anyone who is unfamiliar with art history, got a different undergraduate degree, or is just
  5. We have a few faculty from Alfred and Ohio State University now teaching at Oregon College of Art and Craft. We have a new MFA program but a really great ceramics culture in Portland that completely takes you in if you are studying at ocac (Oregon college of art and craft). Not only Alfred, but you work with alumni from cranbrook, skowhegan, and professors who have done multiple residencies at Arrowmont, Penland, and Watershed. Fantastic program. Not many TA offers, but a great place to get into the clay community. Our chair, Dylan Beck, just directed NCECA 2017. ocac.edu. Just incase you hav
  6. Oregon College of Art and Craft has an incredible interdisciplinary program because it is a super small MFA in Craft graduate program. Twenty students, but you get to design your graduate experience, from who is on your committee to what you are reading. You get permission to use all studios. Most students change their discipline throughout the course of two and a half years, the summer semester being the most time for change because you are allowed to experiment. I went from painting to sculpture to ceramics to photo, back to painting. Its been great. ocac.edu
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