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  1. In an email I received from Vanderbilt they reported that interview emails should be sent out in early February. The email said they are going to have 5 interview dates, which will be held between February 27th - March 18th.
  2. Same! I was super excited to see that they were getting a genetic counseling program!!
  3. When I applied to Vanderbilt they sent an email stating if they did not receive accreditation by March 15th they would not be able to participate in the Match, but if they receive accreditation by the start of the classes the class would still be eligible to take the board exam right?
  4. I only applied to 4, which I am a little nervous about. Did anyone apply to the newer programs? I applied to Vanderbilt, however, they still have not been accredited yet.
  5. I feel like half of the time people ask what genetic counseling is and the other half know about it and respond well. I work in a hospital so a vast majority of my coworkers know what it is and think it is a cool field. I find people that don't have medical backgrounds mostly don't know what genetic counseling is and are often conflicted about the position, especially prenatal genetic counseling. How's everyone's applications going?
  6. Thank you @Lea123! I'm hoping for the best and hopefully everything else from my applications sticks out to the programs. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm very excited and nervous about applying this cycle! I am one year out of undergrad and I have spent this past year as a medical scribe in the emergency department of a level 1 trauma hospital. My GPA is below a 3.0 so I'm a pretty nervous about this aspect of my application. I have taken the GRE and I was in the 50th percentiles, but I plan on retaking it again so I can increase my score a bit. I have around 100 hours shadowing two different genetic counselors and I have about 145 hours of volunteering with the Crisis Text Line. I volunteered with special needs children and adults and for two domestic violence shelters in college. I am thinking about getting my letters of recommendations from one of the doctors I work with, the genetic counselor I have shadowed an extensive amount, and one of my professors from college. I'm wondering if y'all have any recommendations for anything else that could help compensate for my low GPA?
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