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  1. mfp9

    MIT TPP 2019

    Nothing! According to Ed's last e-mail, we should expect a reply in late February to mid-March, and according to last years threads, decisions are typically out on the first week of March! I guess we need to wait until then.
  2. mfp9

    MIT TPP 2019

    Thank you!!!
  3. mfp9

    Stanford Knight Hennessy Scholarship

    Another applicant dying to know the results!
  4. mfp9

    UChicago Harris 2019

    I applied to HKS (but MPA-ID) and MIP as well!
  5. mfp9

    UChicago Harris 2019

    LETTERS ARE OUT! My application is now showing the official letter.
  6. mfp9

    UChicago Harris 2019

    I haven't received any additional information, but I found this https://harris.uchicago.edu/admitted-students. Probably most of you have seen it, but I believe it could be useful for those who haven't.
  7. mfp9

    SIPA Video Response

    I applied in EA, my prompt was: "What is the leadership experience at work that you are most proud of?"
  8. mfp9

    UChicago Harris 2019

    I received a call too. She told me I was admitted and the letters with the full funding information would come out on Wednesday!

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