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  1. oops sorry for the super late reply haha but thank you, you too!!
  2. It is a year, I think I worded it wrong. They give scholarships by the semester, so it's $9K for the fall and spring semester each and then $18K for the school year. I meant to say I wish it was per semester haha
  3. $18K total! Lol I wish it was per year.
  4. Hey y'all I've officially accepted my offer from Columbia in their Advanced Standing online MSW program! I'm still technically waiting to hear back from Fordham and UofDenver but since I had to give a response to Columbia by 3/15, I figured I might as well accept at this point lol. They offered me an $18K scholarship which doesn't feel like much as I'm still going to have to take out twice that in loans but I guess something is better than nothing.
  5. I haven't personally taken the stats waiver exam but I was considering it until one of my smartest friends said it was almost impossible to pass. She studied for 3 months and still wasn't able to pass, and she said she spoke with others who took it and they said that not many people pass. She said the book they recommend to study was really unhelpful when it came to applying the material to the actual exam. She spoke with people who are also currently enrolled in the stats class and they said they don't know of many people who've been able to earn the waiver, so I'm not even going to bother taking the exam lol. But if you want to give it a try, definitely go for it. Math is my weakest point so I already know I would probably not do well in the exam haha.
  6. I'm looking at online advanced standing programs for pursuing an MSW starting in Summer/Fall 2019 and I just found out that Columbia, my top choice, has a statistics requirement. AHHH. That's the class I despised most in undergrad, and I'm pretty sure it lowered my overall GPA lol. Does anyone here have any experience with how difficult the waiver exam or actual class (T6505 Intro to Statistics) is? I received a B- in stats (my lowest grade of undergrad, yay) and honestly the thought of having to take another stats class is enough to make me not want to apply to their program at all. I'm interested in learning the practical skills for clinical practice and can't see how stats will be useful for me at all but....oh well. Sidenote, I think it's hilarious how they actually made this video because they already know most social workers and math just don't get along lol
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