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  1. Hi Ashley! It sounds like you've worked hard to make good grades in your last two years. Nice. I hope that the programs see that and it strengthens your application. I also have some worries about the effect of my GPA on my application, so I'm re-taking some prerequisite courses to demonstrate my academic ability. I wasn't interested in grad school when I was in undergrad and I was working 3 part time jobs most semesters, so my final GPA is not that great. How are you liking the UC embryology course? It was recommended to me by a GC mentor of mine and it has great reviews for the quality of the content. What do you think?
  2. Hi all! I'm a first time poster to this discussion and a first time user on grad cafe. I applied to GC programs in the last application cycle and wasn't matched, but I'm gearing up to apply again. I've worked in chemistry for the last 8 years and I'd like to re-take my genetics pre-req, since it's from 2007. Can anyone recommend an online genetics course? A master's level course would be great. I found an online biochemistry course at Michigan State University through Utah's GC site, but I'd also like to find a genetics course. Thanks! ?
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