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  1. To those who applied to MA programs at CEU's School of Public Policy, especially the one-year MA in Public Policy, have you gotten decisions yet?
  2. I got accepted to a school in Italy and I have to pay a deposit by mid-April in order to secure my spot. Too bad it's on COVID-19 lockdown.
  3. Any other applicants out here? I found little to no information by applicants on their admission process online.
  4. By "until now" you mean today? Curious as to whether all shortlisted candidates have been contacted (though I suppose they have)
  5. I've applied to WBS and Passau. Did Willy Brandt send e-mails to any shortlisted candidates so far?
  6. Well, Hertie is apparently tougher, as they receive the most applications and only award scholarships to 3-5 candidates each year.
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