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  1. Thank you once again friend. I appreciate your comments. I'm glad you nudged me towards looking into biostats programs. When I was reading through stats programs barely any "spoke" to me but so many of the bio stats ones felt really "right"
  2. [Disclaimer: This is somewhat of a repost but I have GRE scores now and a much better idea of the schools to which I would like to apply. I will greatly shorten this post, but my original one can found on my profile (it's the only other post I've made)] My Questions: I'm not sure how realistic these choices are for me, but I'm very interested in the biostatistics programs of Harvard, JHU, UNC - Chapel Hill, and UPenn. For statistics programs, Cornell and Rutgers looked interesting to me. I'm comfortable applying to mostly higher end/reach schools as I will be applying to UVA. I am almost
  3. Thank you very much for your reply; it's very helpful to get an outside perspective, and I appreciate your time. I've read a bit elsewhere on the subject, but what is the difference between statistics and biostatistics programs? I imagine biostats is more applied, the courses are ones more applicable to biological settings, and the research focuses are geared towards bio fields, but is there much beyond that? Is there a significant difference in post-grad opportunities between the two programs? In my head I see biostats programs as somewhat limiting the scope of my post-grad life compared
  4. Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia Major//Minor: Statistics (Interdisciplinary BA with a concentration in Econometrics) // Physics Cumulative GPA: 3.83 Major GPA: 3.84 Student Type: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: TBD Classes: A+: Mathematical Probability A: Calc 3, Macroecon, [Physics-motivated programming class teaching C], Regression Analysis [with SAS], Data Analysis with Python, [Stats class teaching R], [Stats class on database usage/manipulation focusing on SQL], Statistical Machine Learning, Intro Physics 1, Ordinary D
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