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  1. If it helps, York gave me until April 16 to accept the offer. So I wonder if next week is when they will re-assess applications and send out another wave of offers.
  2. I'll be going to UofT
  3. FYI I will be declining my offer to the 2-year program at York, so a spot will be opening up!
  4. Hello everyone, another person here to ask anyone currently in the MSW program at U of T. I'm trying to find out information about scholarships (specifically entrance scholarships), but the information I'm finding is super vague. Does U of T grant entrance scholarships prior to the start of classes? Or are the only scholarship options the ones available to apply for in the Fall?
  5. On MyFile, there's a link at the side at the very bottom titled "Decision Letters". It just showed up for me last night. Thank you for the clarification re: funding!
  6. Congrats!!! If you don't mind me asking, did you receive any tuition info from York? I just received my acceptance and York is offering me $16,666 for 5 terms, plus an additional $6,000. I'm totally floored - I never imagined receiving this amount of money. I thought I was going to U of T but with this amount of funding from York now, I'm soooooo conflicted.
  7. Thank you! No, not even an email either. It must've just happened.
  8. Just checked MyFile! I was admitted to the 2-year MSW program at York!!!!
  9. Hey everyone, does anyone have any experience with working part-time during an MSW program? Now that I've been accepted to UofT and can actually starting planning for the future, I'm beginning to seriously look at my finances and am wondering how people afford school. Is it manageable to work during the 2-year MSW program?
  10. No, mine still says Under Review. How about you?
  11. AHH just got invited to the 2 year program at UofT!! I haven't checked my SGS account yet, but my Acorn says "Invited". Congrats to everyone who's been accepted so far! Can't wait to meet you all in September! @mswash Wow, I had a dream about being accepted to UofT last night, too! I hope your dream brings as good news as mine. edit: my SGS still says "Under Review", though I remember reading in older threads that SGS takes longer to update than Acorn.
  12. No, I applied to the 2-year program. 😊
  13. Thanks for letting us know!! Hopefully "within March" doesn't mean the last day of the month haha.
  14. Thank you for the replies! It's an awkward situation to be in - knowing that your applications rests in the hands of other people is stressful! He submitted the reference this evening Whew!!!
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