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  1. Any particular reason why? I'm finding it difficult to find people's opinions on the MACSE program so I'd love to hear your view!
  2. Just remember that the MT P/J program is still good! I've done a lot of research and there are many pros to the MT P/J program. 1. The MT program has classes a child development course. It's only one course but you can also do a specialization in "can studies in curriculum and pedagogy". There are also several other specializations (https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://pepper.oise.utoronto.ca/pepper/Utilities/annemarie/Year2Areas.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiJ-LSIqt3gAhVn94MKHaEAAggQFjAAegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw2W292S1Wt_9P8CO0MLwGKF) which can look good on a resume. - i think you can do an early learning specialization and special Ed specialization with the MACSE. 2. The MT program has single classes teaching you how to effectively teach every school subject. The MACSE program does not have this. They have a courses teaching you literacy and language, and one on math, and several seminars which I think (but not entirely sure) go over other subjects). 3. The MT program is still cohort based. You are placed in a group of 25-35 people and you stay with the group for the entirety of the program. The MACSE has a larger 60-70 person cohort. 4. You complete a major research paper for the MT program. This can look good on an application for future graduate work. Only the MACSE research stream does a research paper. This can be good or bad depending on how you feel about research. If it means anything, I saw an example of a MT research paper and it was 70 pages. It was made up of a literature review and the study. 5. The MT program could be considered more diverse. It's a master of teaching; teaching can be very diverse in a sense that individuals in other careers require teachers. The MACSE is in child studies; child studies could be considered a much more narrow field in terms of applying your education to other possible careers. 6. If you plan on gaining qualifications to teach other age groups (J/I or I/S), the MT is probably better because it's a bit more broad. And a few other notes; - you can take further AQ courses to be considered a specialist in certain areas. - you can do further graduate work (a degree or diploma) to learn more about child studies. - the MACSE program is taught in a mansion. If you're particular about environment, this could be important. - exclusivity DOES NOT mean better. I highly doubt a future employer would question why you did MT over MACSE; they would likely just be impressed that you went to OISE and have a master degree. - I've heard people say that both programs can be narrow minded, which may be something to keep in mind depending on your likes/dislikes. - this program is $12500 a year. Other BEd programs are $6000-8000. Someone could decide not to go to OISE because of the price tag, so there's still a chance for anyone on a waitlist. -based on the course catalogue, some of the MACSE courses seem to focus on studying children, not teaching. However, my guess is that they are courses on studying children and adapting to be able to teach them (maybe?). - I have read on other forums that MACSE students feel that the MT program is less organized. I wouldn't buy too much into this because this opinion isn't coming from MT students. And just my personal opinion. MT was originally my primary choice on my application, I got a good vibe from the orientation. However when I submitted the application I later changed it to MACSE because I liked the child focus. I think both programs are great; if I get off of the MACSE waitlist I'm not entirely sure if I'll even accept it because the MT program has many benefits that the MACSE does not have. Also sorry for the VERY long read, but I hope it helps :).
  3. I got an email today. I've been offered conditional acceptance for MT P/J and J/I for health and physical education and I've been placed in the waitlist for MACSE. I didn't get into my first choice, MACSE, but there is still hope and If not, I got into my second choice, MT P/J, so I'm a very happy camper :). I got an email from the program liaison for MACSE and apparently all acceptances have been sent out, however I have seen past forums where individuals recieved a later acceptance.
  4. @Hudson150 Can you tell us how your interview went and what your application was like? I wasn't expecting anyone to get emailed acceptances till next week minimally
  5. How did Saturdays interviews go? Has anyone heard back about upcoming interviews? Also, does anyone know what determines who gets accepted when? Past forums show individuals getting accepted as early as next week while some don't hear till March. I'm starting to get anxious ?
  6. https://www.gradschools.com/get-informed/applying-graduate-school/graduate-school-interview/graduate-school-interview-questions That link is very helpful as well. I want to guess that maybe they do double the amount of interviews for the number of spots. I think MACSE only takes about 70 ish students total. 60-ish for the PIB stream and a few for the RIT stream. It could be closer to 60 though. Past forums seem to say that emails about unofficial acceptances come out around mid February so hopefully I'll get an email then. I have anxiety so I'm going to be feeling incredibly sick EVERYDAY till I get a yes or no response. I really hope the previous posts help though. I found preparing for this interview a little difficult (due to a lack of good webpages) so hopefully they help you and me and meganembers get a little bit of good karma for helping out as well, lol Let us know how your interview goes and good luck!
  7. I just had my interview today. I think it went pretty good but I'm going to be INTENSLY worried until I get a response. I'm worried I focused too much on developmental psychology and may have left the impression that I care more about health/developmental psychology instead of how these topics relate to education. I'm hoping I get in because I love the focus on developmental psychology. For the interview, some MACSE students greet you at the door and you enter a room with a few current students and other applicants. The environment is very welcoming and comfortable. Questions wise, I remember being asked about what I liked about the MACSE program, an example of when I had to change something because something else wasn't working, and example of a tough experience and what I did to solve it. They ask about what unique insights you could bring to the program, and what questions your teaching experiences have left you with. There's 5 questions and you get interviewed by a faculty member and a teacher at the research school. The interview lasts about 30 minutes. There were maybe 6 or so other applicants there so I would say there is maybe 5 students per an hour. Idk when they start or end the interviews but if it's around 9-4, I would guess that they interview around 50 applicants per an interview day. Past forums have given me the impression that they only do two interview days/sessions but I could be very wrong about that. I had alot of trouble figuring out what to wear since it's different from a job interview. Some tips; a nice sweater or blouse, a cardigan or a blazer, simple dress pants or dark/khaki jeans/pants. I would say it's safe to dress business casual. Definitely no need for a full suit. Past forums make me think that informal acceptances come mid-February at the earliest (so only a few weeks to wait minimally) I hope this information helps and finger crossed we'll all be sitting in classes together come September!
  8. This is my first time starting a forum so please be kind to me In the past, it looks as if cohort groups start the forum a little later. However, I'm stressing out and I wanted to start a forum that is along the same lines as the ones before it, and use it as a type of support group. I've put all of the programs for P/J divisions together, and thought that this forum coud be used to discuss acceptances, applications, and anything else related. Ill start by talking about my application: I'm in my final year studying public health. The year previous I made Dean's list (fall 2017) and presidents list (winter 2018). My over all average is 78% but my average last year was between 82-85%. I've worked with an after school program going on 5 years where I run gym activities and do some teaching and tutoring (ages 4-13), the past 3 summers I've worked as a kindergarten readiness teacher (ages 3-6), I work as a supply ECA (ages 2-12), and I worked one summer as a camp arts/crafts specialist (ages 2.5-13). My references were from a work supervisor for the kindergarten readiness program, and a professor who I don't know well, but I got good grades in their class. I applied to, in order, MACSE, MT P/J, and MT J/I. I'm really hoping I get into this program. I'm applying to other schools for teaching, but of course this is my first choice.
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