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  1. Haha, Maybe, for the time being, I am just gonna sit this one out.
  2. I received an email from Yale about a webinar.... to prepare for interviews. I dont know why I am BIG sad now!
  3. I received an email from yale about a ..............webinar!! WHYYYYYYYY
  4. I should know if i am accepted by the first week of Feb! I hope she reaches out before then
  5. Should I wait a bit or tell my POI at Yale that I didnt get an interview? I would love to have her on my thesis commitee if I end up at Brown. We have a great rapport which makes me more morose.
  6. In times of darkness, HOPE is all that we have, so hang on to hope! Let it be a flame that's ever dying. Forever lit in our chests like scintillating rays of sun. PS* I swear I dont talk like this irl, it seems fitting for some reason. This whole process has many grotesque aspects, therefore my grostesque tone.
  7. Brothers and Sisters, I feel your anguish. But we have to be strong, we have to be patient. Because it is through patience.... I am going to go cry now. Sorry for being overly dramatic. I hope I was of some entertainment.
  8. We should give them 1 week. If we don't hear anything by the end of next week, I will pour one on us. Chiao
  9. Okay, is it just SBS that sent out invites? What about the other departments/programs? So this is what it feels like to be in purgatory.
  10. I think he is a troll because it is listed under GSAS and not School of Public Health. Hopefully Brown accepts me, so I can finally sleep at night. Good luck to you too!
  11. I am not sure whether the Yale SBS poster is a troll or not. Sadly, I will trust it and resign to my gloomy fate. Oh! cruel fate! what other perils do you have in store for me?
  12. You should write down the message you would like to convey to him. Write it down so that you have a better idea of what you want to say to him the next time you meet with him. Maybe his style of mentorship does not work for you, therefore it is incumbent upon you to explain what works for you and him to try to satisfy your needs. That's what a good mentor would do. If things do not work out, dont be afraid to switch labs. But I warn you, it may be frowned upon.
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