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  1. You miss 100% of the shots you dont take. On that same note, you have nothing to loose, your advisor may choose not to write you a letter of recc but I bet you can find other people who will, maybe include some of the school she think would be a good match for you, so that is a win-win. Good luck, the application cycle for this year is going to be fucked.
  2. I know but it could be less fucked HAHAH
  3. Getting into more debt is not worth it. Wait a year and reapply. Try to get a new job but it will be hard due to current economy. TBH your situation is messed up but perseverance is key. Be well!
  4. Def listen to the guy who only made an account to give you a terrible advice
  5. Hi, Some of yall/most of yall are going to choose to defer to Fall 2021. It seems like good choice due to the current US situation. But here is a small problem. You are going to mess up this upcoming application cycle. So please take one for the team? Start your classes online?This year's applicant will be eternally greatfull to you. We promised to hold a party for you when we see each other on campus in the fall. Sincerely, A 2020 applicant #fuckCOVID
  6. Just apply, reaching to people is not as important depending on how competitive the program is, the professor might say they will take you then they won't because someone better applied. There are plenty of stories like this. You usally do not need to have a project before you start but that might depend on the program. Anyhow, talk/email the admission admins for questions on the application process, make sure you read their website as most of the question you have, have been answered already and they will just refer you to the website. If you make the initial cut you are usually interviewed (skype or in person), interview in person are paid for. This application cycle I think all inteviews will be online due to COVID, but I hope in the spring they hold events for the people admitted to come to campus and check it out. Good luck
  7. It would depend on how you stucture your essays! if they can dectect that you are flexible to working with other people on other topics. It will not affect you negatively, but if they decide that you probably dont want to work with other people and the people you want to work with are on leave, then it would make sense, not to admit you since you would not be a good match for the school. Thats at least how I understand it. Even if they return after fall 2021, it might take some time before they are ready to take someone. But keep in contact with them. If you can, ask them the same question, they will give you a better answer than I can since this is all speculation really.
  8. If they are on leave its for a reason, looking through PhD application is probably not what they are going to spend their free time on. Plus they most likely would not be able to supervise your training since they are on leave. So unless you are flexible with your research topics, I would look at other schools.
  9. If you are going to do it, beside turning it into a positive, you have to simplify the situation. Dont be like " this happened, then this, which caused this, and all of that lead to mental breakdown". Take one event that you feel lead to the mental problem and talk about it, what you learned from it, how it guided you to the school/the program. But dont spend too much time on this either. I would only do this for "common" mental health problems, since they might be familiar with it, anything not common is not worth mentioning since, you would have to spend too much words describing the condition.
  10. Focus more on exploring what your really want out of life! It doesnt really matter what you do in High school as long as it gets you into the school you want to go to. You and your aspirations will most likekly change as you get older. So just focus on exploring, if you really like speech pathology you will inevitably come back to it.
  11. Tell your refferences how many school you plan to apply. If they dont want to submit that many, find yourself other refferences.
  12. Nothing good comes easily, haha, I hope not. Just try to stay positive thats all you can do
  13. Stay strong, There a light at the end of the tunnel
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